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In our Basic SEO Service we will provide High authoritative Backlinks, SEO Audit, Website Overall SEO, Brand Awareness, Brand Mentions, Rankings on Keywords, Backlink Report, Traffic Report, Analytics Report, and many more.


In our pro SEO Service we will provide High authoritative Backlinks, SEO Audit, Articles, Brand Awareness, Expensive Paid Tools Analysis, Brand Mentions, Guest Posting, Social Media Strategy, Traffic Boost, Website Overall SEO, Free Content for Blogs, Rankings on Keywords, Backlink Report, Traffic Report, Analytics Report, and many more.


In our Expert SEO Service we will provide 360 Degree (SEO+SMM) Support with Personal Brand Consulting and Dedicated SEO Team includes, High authoritative Backlinks, SEO Audit, Articles, Brand Awareness, Expensive Paid Tools Analysis, Brand Mentions, Guest Posting, Social Media Strategy, Traffic Boost, Website Overall SEO, Free Content for Blogs, Rankings on Keywords, Backlink Report, Traffic Report, Analytics Report, and many more.

What we do?

We at Vidit Meghwal SEO Expert in New York offer high quality, ethical & White hat SEO Services. We are Google Ranking Experts and we believe in excellence. We are one of the Best SEO Companies in New York serving Professional SEO and Expert SEO packages in New York, & top-quality Local SEO New York where we guarantee your (Google My Business) Listings in top 3 of Google Pack. We are Certified, Qualified & Trusted Google professionals. Our top New York SEO Consultant gives Free Consulting because we don’t charge for SEO consulting and improving little issues.

Here’s the best way It works. To begin with we’ll survey your business, keep an eye on your rivals and competitors, dissect your objective and potential market, your business forms and your objectives with you. At that point, in view of what you let us know, we’ll build up a custom SEO plan and 2X SEO Strategy particularly for you. All that we tend to examine is especially custom fitted for your business when we’ve had a chance to urge some data regarding your business procedure, deals objectives and you are marking technique. Our New York SEO Company does this on the grounds that many individuals who experience this procedure are so inspired and cheerful, they make a request to wind up noticeably a customer. 

Our New York City SEO Expert will provide you an SEO Strategy that works for your business and further investigation and arranging will be going for continuous higher SEO Results. You’ll be talking with one of our exceedingly prepared strategists who will think of an arrangement custom-fitted to your business to expand your leads and deals. There’s no commitment for you to take up any of our administrations.

360 degree SEO Services

90% SEO Success Rate with Highly-Effective SEO Strategies
by New York SEO Expert the Vidit Meghwal

Exepert SEO Services and Reoptimization

Expert SEO SERVICES and Reoptimization

In our "Expert SEO Services" and "Reoptimization" We offer a dedicated 'SEO Expert' Team which looks after everything for your business. Conversely, Reoptimization of any content, URLs, website structure, and many major attributes is needed before making your website SEO friendly.


Why your website is not ranking on Google?


Google bots are amazingly smart, but still, they need help and signals. The big Search Engines are constantly working to improve their technology to crawl the web more deeply and return better results to users. We understood all Google Algorithms and we are up-to-date with all Google Trends so you do not have to worry. While the right SEO in New York or Search Engine Optimisation can net you thousands of visitors and increased attention, the wrong moves hide or bury your site deep in the search results where visibility is minimal. If you want the best results quickly, Consult the SEO Expert in Manhattan, New York.


We work with Top Paid SEO Tools

Welcome to the best SEO EXPERT in nEW YORK.


Transformed some of the best businesses into one of the greatest with some of the best digital marketing strategies and welcoming every business who needs help. Team Vidit has one of the Best SEO Experts in New York who are core SEO Experts. We are more focused on creating smart and new ways to do SEO we are not old fashioned, we provide custom and diverse but relevant strategies to our clients. We provide the best new york SEO services with 360 degree SEO services.



Vidit Meghwal

About US

SEO Expert | Brand Consultant

Vidit Meghwal has ranked some of the best brands on Google’s first page and helped so many businesses by skyrocketing their traffic and revenue. In general Vidit Meghwal is an experienced SEO Expert and has immense understanding in online marketing. He has worked in some of the best digital marketing companies and provided them 10x Results for every client he got. A Software Engineer who bumped into digital marketing and rocked that field with excellence.


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Online Marketing is not just a part of your business, it is the most crucial step for your business. Some many clients of mine have seen more than 70%of growth in total revenue through SEO, PPC, and SMM for their business.

  • Target the relevant & potential audience.
  • Build business into brand.
  • Helps you grow reliable customers and feedback.
  • Expand the rich customer base.


Need professional SEO services? Then switch to the expertise of Vidit Meghwal Online Marketing. As an New York SEO Expert and agency, we have been specialized in various SEO services for many years. Search engine optimization, however, remains a profession in which patience is a good thing. However, if you are high on Google, this patience will pay you off. The options at our SEO expert agency are very diverse. Want to know more about the SEO services of Vidit Meghwal Online Marketing? Then read on below!

Search Engine Optimization at Vidit Meghwal is a thorough process, where cooperation is of paramount importance. We have our specialization, you are again an expert in your field. By combining these two worlds you will excel extra through our New York SEO services. Although we take a lot out of your hands, and you actually don’t have to worry about us, we think it’s nice to give you a look behind the scenes and to tell you more about the SEO services of our company.

Vidit Meghwal offers various SEO services in New York. Although these are all part of the overall picture, you can also use individual services from us. In a collaboration with Vidit Meghwal Digital Marketing, our first service consists of doing extensive market research. It identifies opportunities and conducts extensive keyword research, in which you receive the Vidit Meghwal plan of approach.

After approval of the plan of action, we start with our on-page SEO services. This will produce relevant content for your website or webshop, which will be sent to you. After approval, this will be placed on the website and optimized. Keywords should be subtly processed over the page and processed in crucial parts of the page. Think of SEO title, meta description, alt attributes, headings and more.

You can also call on us for technical SEO services. Technology remains an important part of search engine optimization. For example, it is important that Google can properly index your website at all (crawlability) and that there is a logic in the structure of your website. In addition, page speed (how fast a page loads) plays a crucial role in optimization for Google.

You can also use our search engine optimization agency for link building SEO services. This is the showpiece of our business and the one that can really excel in your company online. Link building is difficult to summarize and we would be happy to tell you more about it personally. Want to know more about link building and our other New York SEO services? Contact us and discuss the possibilities with an SEO specialist!

All in all, Vidit Meghwal Online Marketing offers various SEO services, with which we will jointly achieve the top positions in Google. Within search engine optimization we can take various components off your hands, such as on-page SEO, technical optimization and link building. Want to know more about the content of our SEO services? Contact us immediately!

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