5 tactics of an experienced search engine optimization specialist

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Curious about how an SEO specialist works on the best online experience for visitors? Effective search engine marketing requires a search engine marketing specialist and SEO specialist in one, just like a handy technician who knows how the website should work technically.

Discover how we work as a search engine marketing agency for the best online experience for our clients’ visitors. With attention to Voice Search and on the basis of other important trends and developments.


The best tips from a Search Engine Optimization Agency

Curious about our best tips? Discover how a search engine marketing specialist can make the difference for your website.

  • Short loading time: a warm welcome
  • Security: HTTPS and SSL
  • Optimize for topics
  • Images, infographics, and videos
  • Content, online authority and technology

1. Short loading time: a warm welcome

Every SEO specialist knows: you can’t get there with good content alone. It is just as important to work on your online authority, as well as on excellent website technology. An important part of this is the loading time, both that of the homepage and of other pages that visitors view.

There is nothing as annoying as a page that loads slowly. Visitors have limited time online, so it is essential to immediately offer them the information they are looking for. This starts with short loading time, of a maximum of a few milliseconds. Every New York SEO specialist can tell you how this improves both findability and your online conversion. You ensure a warm welcome from your visitors, something that Google also greatly appreciates.

2. Security: HTTPS and SSL

What every SEO specialist and SEA specialist can also tell you is that online safety is essential. That has always been important, but especially since Google has decided to put unsafe websites at a disadvantage. In Google Chrome, a warning appears by default on websites without an HTTPS connection with an SSL certificate. And those websites are given a minus when it comes to organic search results.

A search engine marketing specialist will therefore always advise you to work properly on the safety of your website. Based on HTTPS and with a valid SSL certificate. In this way, your website nicely meets the guidelines, and you offer your visitors a safe online environment.

Note: check all pages of your website if you use an SSL certificate for HTTPS. Does one page appear to contain another part without an HTTPS connection? Then the entire website can be classified as non-secure.

Together with a search engine marketing agency, ensure that the entire website is secure. With a new website according to current guidelines or by providing all existing elements with both the certificate and the secure connection.

3. Optimize for topics

The SEO specialist, in particular, knows that it is important to no longer optimize for specific search terms. The time in which it was sufficient for the term ‘search engine optimization specialist’ to appear 10 times in this article is definitely over. Since the Google Hummingbird algorithm, the search engine can excellently ‘read’ what a web page or article is about. This requires an article with of course the main search term, but also a number of additional search terms.

It is important to also talk about an SEO specialist and an SEO specialist in the article, just like a search engine marketing agency. With these different elements, it becomes clear what the article is about. It contributes to a strong story for the visitor, while Google also realizes better that it is an article of good quality.

Tip: think in advance about interesting topics, for a blog, a knowledge base or other pages on the website. Start from topics with main search terms, and search for relevant additional search terms. Optimize for the combination of these, with deepening layers to support the content from multiple directions and to improve findability.

4. Images, infographics, and videos

The SEO specialist is critical of the quality score of a webpage and that is becoming increasingly important for the SEO specialist. A good search engine marketing specialist knows that a piece of text is only the basis. Try to enrich that with images, infographics and, for example, a video. Choose the ideal way to convey information to visitors, so that the page gets as much added value for them as possible.

It is, of course, a good idea to optimize the various elements for Google. A search engine marketing agency can help you to process search terms in the text and also to optimize the images, infographics, and videos. With the most important search terms for direct findability, and to show Google that the page is valuable for visitors.

Tip: Infographics and videos, in particular, extend the time that visitors spend on the page. Will you succeed in having them click through to an in-depth article or a contact page? Google RankBrain recognizes that behavior by visitors, and appreciates you with better organic findability.

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5. Content, online authority and technology

A good search engine marketing specialist knows how the three pillars for organic findability work best together. It’s about:

  • Content
    Content on the website must add as much value as possible. It is important to provide as interesting and relevant a piece as possible with text, images, infographics, and videos. Information for visitors that is useful to them, so that it improves the online experience.
  • Online authority
    Strong online authority is an important signal for Google that a website has added value. Create authority for both the website as a whole and for specific pages that require extra attention.
  • Website technology
    Limit loading time, ensure a clear site structure and use URLs that are organized logically. Important components of technical optimization, so that this contributes well to the organic findability.

These are activities where especially the SEO specialist can help you well. In the meantime, the SEO specialist can ensure that you make effective use of, for example, Google Ads. As soon as the organic results improve, you can phase out the advertisements, because you become organically easier to find.

Search engine optimization specialist: get started

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