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Vidit Meghwal is specialized in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I know the ins and outs of SEO with my personal industry experience. Do you want to be found at the top of Google in the organic search results? Get the Best New York SEO Expert now, contact me immediately.

SEO Services

SEO Services in New York

what is the best way to choose an SEO Expert?

  • Discuss the vision of your website and business in detail.
  • Ask every detail what he will do for you after on-boarding.
  • Ask what impact and work he has done already.
  • Show him your current positions and status of a business.
  • Discuss the estimated projections and strategies
  • Ask about the reporting time and strategies per month.
  • Never hide any previous bad experience you had with your website.

The Importance of SEO 

More than 90% of consumers and companies use Google as an aid in orienting in the purchasing process. In order for these potential customers to choose your company, it is necessary that you are found. The importance of a high Google position is therefore great.

It is important for every entrepreneur to provide new leads and customers. A steadily growing customer base ensures continuity and offers opportunities for growth or, for example, a sale of the company. SEO Expert Vidit Meghwal helps entrepreneurs to grow. We do this by optimally positioning websites in the organic search results. A high position in the organic search results yields relevant visitors, leads and sales at a fraction of the price of pay per click advertising such as Google Ads.

What is SEO?

Understand the basic SEO Fundamentals

Get Maximum return on your marketing investment with search engine optimization

SEO is an abbreviation for the English Search Engine Optimization. SEO consists of website optimization and link building. By making relatively small adjustments to the website, we ensure that your website is better indexed. Separately, these adjustments may have little influence, but when combined, they will result in a significant improvement in search engine positioning.

Are you looking for strong relevant links for websites in one of the countries or languages ​​listed? Then contact me directly to discuss the options.

What you should know about the International SEO and Link Building

A very important and also specialized part of SEO / search engine optimization is building a strong link profile. This is essential because Google’s algorithm partly determines the organic position on which the website is displayed on the basis of link popularity. Our starting point is quality and transparency. By using high-quality content within the link building campaigns, we are able to achieve a very high success rate.
In addition to our strong link building infrastructure in the Netherlands, we are also internationally strong. We already work for clients in the United States, United Kingdom, New York, Florida, etc

Other SEO Services

fix Your Business with my master SEO Plan


Reoptimization of any content, URLs, website structure, and many major attributes is needed before making your website SEO friendly.

local seo

If you have no presence in your local market you are already 2 steps back from your competitors. So, before choosing any SEO Expert tell him to fix your Local SEO.

Brand Awareness

This is the most crucial thing that everybody forget to implement on their business and that holds them back in the lane of SEO.

International SEO

International SEO is one of the greatest opportunity we got for our business which can scale your business to next level approach and can skyrocket revenue.

traffic boost

We often talk about boosting our traffic but what if you have tones of traffic that do not coverts that's what I fix for any businesses before any step.


Branding is the base of brand awareness which is the first step every business should take and focus more than SEO because this can build 200% trust flow of your business.

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