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Tips for Finding the Best SEO Consultant in Vancouver

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Jeana Dunklin

For companies that have decided to outsource their search engine optimization needs, a SEO consultant can be an important resource. It’s important to choose the best SEO services for your website, because if the SEO consultant doesn’t know the specific methods of increasing a site’s search engine ranking, your company may not achieve its online success goals. There are many things to consider when selecting an SEO consultant. Here are seven of the most important SEO consulting considerations to think about before hiring a professional SEO consulting service.

Find out the caliber of the best SEO consultants in Vancouver, based on how well they answered questions about your specific needs. Did they clearly demonstrate their professionalism as an SEO consulting service provider? Did they provide proof of their experience as Vancouver internet marketing agencies in the shape of client testimonials and/or case studies? A good SEO consultant will have a portfolio of work from various different clients and will be open and willing to discuss these examples in great detail.

What services do they offer? 

Search engine optimization consulting services vary widely in nature, so it’s important to know what you need before you contact them. A good Vancouver SEO company should be able to offer a comprehensive range of services to help business owners increase their online presence. SEO consulting firms should be able to do the following things:

  • analyze your needs, 
  • provide relevant information,
  • recommend the best solutions. 

If a consultant cannot answer these questions satisfactorily, move on to the next potential SEO service provider.

What is SEO today?

How experienced are their staff? 

Good SEO consultants should be well-trained in all areas of SEO and website marketing. The best consultants in the business also conduct training sessions with their own team members to keep their techniques fresh and their methods up to date. Some SEO companies offer a free initial meeting to assess your needs and determine which of their many services might best suit you. Another method of screening potential SEO services is to contact the company’s past clients for recommendations. In addition to finding the best consultants in your area, this approach could also reveal the best practices of the most successful Vancouver SEO firms.

How knowledgeable are their employees? 

In addition to having the most thorough and up-to-date understanding of search engine optimization, a good Vancouver SEO consultant should also have a strong foundation in Internet marketing. Many SEO companies offer a wide range of services that may not be related to SEO at all:

  1. Social media consulting.
  2. Email marketing.
  3. A variety of other website marketing strategies. 

If a Vancouver SEO firm offers a wide range of Vancouver services that sound like they could be related to SEO, but are actually separate fields, ask for references. In addition to a strong knowledge of Internet marketing strategies, a good Vancouver SEO consultant should also be able to provide references from his or her previous clients. This will show you that the consultant truly knows the value of his or her own business and that he or she isn’t just trying to get more clients.

Are all of the services offered by the digital marketing consultant available in-house? 

Many companies make their money solely through affiliate sales and may only have part of their services available in house. While the digital marketing consultant can often take care of a large part of a client’s SEO needs, it is often better to have those services available in house and save yourself the cost of out-of-house SEO consultants. Part of making sure that a Vancouver SEO consultant has full access to your website is making sure that your website is included in his or her SEO arsenal. Ask the digital marketing consultant if he or she offers a full roster of SEO services that are provided to clients who sign up for his or her services.

Does the consultant work with any of the top online marketing agencies in town? 

There are many digital marketing consultants who work independently to build their business and build their reputations at the same time. The best digital marketing consultants work with some of the most high-caliber online marketing agencies and work to provide the best SEO services to clients that need them. Work with a firm that does not work with any of the larger online marketing agencies. If the SEO consultant makes connections with agencies that are larger than they are, it is likely that the SEO consultant is not as independent as he or she may appear to be.

Seo factors for optimize.

How do you get the most from your SEO consultant? 

Do your homework and ask a lot of questions about the services offered. Take a look at the digital marketing consultants website and determine how extensive their SEO services are and whether or not those services include the services you need to get your website noticed online. Most importantly, remember to talk to any potential clients that the digital marketing consultant has served in the past. A good Vancouver SEO consultant will be more than willing to discuss any concerns you may have with new clients and will try to see if you might be able to work together to ensure that both of you can get the most out of your services.

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