Top SEO Tools that SEO Experts Recommend

  • by Vidit Meghwal

Top SEO audit tools that SEO experts recommend

Having a website has become an inevitable part of doing business in this modern technological era. To be able to reach a wide range of potential users and clients, it is essential to make your website easily accessible and visible in search engine results. Here we come to the topic of SEO optimization website owners need to master in order to reach favorable results.

Besides applying SEO rules, which is an essential part of digital marketing, we need to continuously check how well our website is functioning. To obtain this information, using one of the SEO audit tools is a must. Hence, we have decided to try to explain how SEO audits work and list all the audit tools SEO experts in New York suggest.

Why precisely is using an SEO audit tool necessary?

Proper comprehensive maintenance is an essential factor for a website to work properly. Also, this is the only approach that guarantees timely detection of SEO issues and weaknesses and enables a prompt action.

An SEO audit tool most often analyses a website and identifies the following issues:

  • Technical SEO issues
  • Structural issues
  • On-page issues
  • Off-page issues
  • Issues related to user experience
  • Competitor analysis

Once the analysis is complete, website owners receive audit recommendations and have a clear picture of all the issues affecting their online presence and objective information on the overall online health of their website. Furthermore, they are also informed about the measures and steps to take in order to eliminate all the issues that create an obstacle to impeccable website functioning.

SEO experts in New York suggest these SEO audit tools



Woorank is often the first pick of website owners and companies in this field that offer perfectly functioning websites to their clients like WP Full Care, for example. What Woorank analyses includes On and Off-Page SEO, broken links and backlinks. Furthermore, it locates malfunctioning web pages easily. Finally, this SEO audit tool gives detailed, easily understandable and applicable recommendations on how to boost your ranking and significantly improve your website’s visibility.

Woorank is available in both free and paid versions, while audit reports are downloadable in PDF format. If you want to use it without limitations in terms of its performance, you will have to pay a monthly rate that ranges from $49 to $149, depending on whether you choose a Pro Plan or a Premium Plan.


Moz is a reputable SEO agency that has been offering various SEO products and tools for quite some time already. There are numerous users that give this SEO tool provider advantage over other countless competitors for a good reason. The Moz’s Pro Tool is aimed primarily at improving the clients’ business search engine rankings. Subscribing to this tool implies a decent chance to identify all SEO opportunities, follow your growth on a regular basis and improve your SEO optimization in general.

If you want to consider the Moz Pro as your final choice, the price you will have to pay for it is at least $99 a month after the initial 30-day trial period that comes completely free of charge. Knowing the reputation of the Moz company, this is one of the options worth considering by all means.

Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider

Screaming Frog is an excellent choice for all those who want to analyze the whole website. It examines various SEO parameters like ALT tags, meta descriptions, internal and external links and many more. The features that particularly fascinate its users are speed and efficiency. An otherwise time-consuming process of evaluation can be easily shortened by simply opting for Screaming Frog. It does not surprise then that “SEO experts in New York” value this SEO audit tool greatly.

Those who want to use this crawling tool will have to pay around $160 a year if they do not want to use the lite version which is limited to 500 URLs per website.

Found’s SEO Audit Tool

Found’s SEO Audit Tool is a very convenient option for all those who want to trace all SEO errors on their website and solve and eliminate them easily. To conduct an analysis, all you need to do is put the URL in the tool and wait for audit details. It will explore technical and content issues and also conduct external link analysis. Once the process is over, the tool provides users with results in the form of a report that can be downloaded as PDF.

Another important benefit of using Found’s SEO Audit Tool is that it is completely free. Hence, you get a good, easy-to-use tool without investing money in it.


Semrush SEO audit tool is the first choice of all those who want to run a detailed check of their performance and compare the results with the competitor’s data. It provides users with thorough information about link building, keywords to be used, and the current SEO issues that need to be dealt with. Then, all the efforts are directed towards eliminating the problems and directing SEO efforts to reach a much better ranking and much wider audience.

Varvy’s SEO Overview Tool

If you want to examine your domain strength, image SEO, technical SEO, page speed and many other features of your website, you will find this SEO audit tool very helpful. Varvy’s SEO overview tool will conduct a deep check of all the key features of your website’s performance. Then, you will get a report with yellow exclamation points, red Xs and green checks that will help you realize how severe the detected issues are. Using this tool is completely free of charge and yet you still get high quality.


Since Google is always improving and altering its rules, mastering all of them is impossible to achieve. Yet, following the best SEO practices and using its tools guarantees a good ranking, visibility and gradual improvement and development of your website. Remember that regular maintenance is compulsory and must not be neglected.

To analyze the key elements of your website and possibly identify some issues, New York SEO experts suggest using one of the above-listed top SEO audit tools. Each of them targets different aspects, so make a wise choice of the one that serves best the purpose you have in mind.

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