Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

What is Digital Marketing in 2020

We are regularly asked what online marketing is and what it consists of. We can say very briefly: online marketing provides more returns from online channels. Online marketing, also known as internet marketing also as digital marketing, consists of all components with which more return can be achieved from online channels.

This return may include a (quotation) request or sale by qualitative visitors via a website or web shop. The definition of online marketing always remains the same. How you can best apply this is a second one. As we mentioned above, the online marketing world is one that is constantly changing. We would, therefore, like to highlight a number of trends that will make your company up-to-date again. ( I am the author and an SEO Expert in Udaipur you can get a free website audit from me just drop hover to my contact page.)

We highlighted 4 parts of online marketing:

  • Search Engine optimization
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Conversion Optimization


By being found well in Google, more visitors come to a website. Through search engine optimization, also known as SEO, the website is optimally searchable on the most relevant search terms for your company.

SEO benefits

  • A higher position in Google, so that more visitors come to a website.
  • Effective in the long term.
  • More qualitative visitors.

Disadvantages SEO 

  • Not immediately visible, the effect of search engine optimization can sometimes only be visible after a few months.
  • SEO knowledge is needed as the factors on which your website scores are constantly changing.
  • Because search engines like Google constantly work on the algorithm (the system that assesses your website for relevance), it is possible that the SEO optimizations must be revised at a later stage.

Trends within search engine optimization

Mobile-first – Not only searches but also complete purchases are made on mobile devices. Figures also show that the number of online purchases via the mobile phone is increasing every year. The main focus is on a target group between the ages of 18 and 40. Do you, therefore, have a product that particularly appeals to this target group? Then a properly functioning mobile website is a must! If you don’t have this, you can lose about 50% of your potential customers. In addition, this trend is one that is gaining ground every year. In short; time to think Mobile First!

Voice search – More and more people are going to use the so-called voice search. In 2016, no less than 20% of all mobile searches in Google consisted of spoken searches (source: Google). Google expects this percentage to rise to 50% of all searches in the coming 5 years. Because people speak differently than they write, search engine optimization for spoken searches will also be very different. After all, you don’t say some words quickly (such as after all), which means that search engines may not consider your texts relevant to a spoken search.

Personalization – Do you stand out among all those competitors as a website and brand? In many industries, this is the biggest issue. With this trend people think they have found the golden egg; personalize your content. This trend is reflected in newsletters, social media messages and also in the content on the website. For example, some webshops show what you have viewed before or even give the option of fitting an outfit online. On average, companies expect a 6% increase in turnover due to personalization. This expectation differs per sector, with the financial and technical sector having the highest expectations (+ 10% turnover). (Source: Digital Marketing Institute, 2017)


Via Google Adwords or Bing, it is possible to advertise in search engines, so that ads come above the search results. When a visitor clicks on one of the advertisements, costs will only be charged.

Benefits of advertising online

  • The highest possible positions, ads are above the free results.
  • Effective in the short term, turning on today = results today.
  • Pay only per visitor.

Cons of advertising online

  • Pay per click, for each visitor via the advertisement you pay to Google or Bing.
  • Knowledge of SEO is required for optimum results.

Trends within online advertising

Mobile-first – Mobile-first not only applies to search engine optimization, but also other online marketing resources such as online advertising. The expectation is that the mobile index of Google in 2018 will be leading for determining the positions of websites. A focus on mobile-only campaigns in AdWords, therefore, coincides with this trend. In addition, you can also apply bid adjustments for visitors on mobile devices or use the “IF” function; a piece of code that ensures that someone gets to see a certain text (such as “quick and easy mobile booking”) as soon as he/she uses a mobile device.

Personalization – Ads can be targeted better and better. Although there have been opportunities for personalizing text ads for some time, targeting can now also be set up much smarter and better. For example, you can target based on demographic data, areas of interest and CRM data. This makes it easier to use your AdWords budget in a smart way. The key to success is that you know your target group well.

Video advertising – The Digital Marketing Institute survey in 2017 showed that no fewer than 52% of all marketing professionals surveyed get the highest return from video marketing. This trend goes beyond just advertising via AdWords; The popular short videos on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, among others, also fall under this category.


Via social media channels, you can easily and easily get in touch with (potential) customers: you enter into a dialogue with your followers and show what your brand stands for. In addition, social media ensures higher brand awareness.

Benefits of social media marketing

  • Strengthen brand awareness.
  • Create fans and community.
  • Accessible to pick up.

Cons of social media marketing

  • The only an indirect effect on the position of the website in Google.
  • Is often used without a clear strategy
  • Lots of work to keep.

Trends within social media

Live streams & other videos – Share, share and share again. We want to show our followers always and everywhere who we are and what we do. Social media channels are more than happy to join in by offering live streams and other video options, among other things. This is expected to be rolled out even further in 2018, which means that there will be an enormous opportunity in the field of advertising here.

Chatbots – Of course, technology has not stood still either. The rise of “Artificial Intelligence” in the form of chatbots is, therefore, an important trend for online marketing in 2018. By asking smart questions, the chatbot can bring you the desired answer. This gives companies an opportunity to offer a new level of service.

Disappearing content – One of the most used tools by companies on Instagram and Snapchat is the disappearing content. These videos or photos are only shown in the Stories for 24 hours. This makes this content ideal for a discount promotion, for example. By swiping up, the social user ends up on your website. The trick is to make the short video as attractive as possible so that the social user is not annoyed by the sponsored content.

Influencer marketing – Real people with a lot of followers who promote your product; that’s influencer marketing in a nutshell. Bloggers and vloggers are the people that are followed on social media so that they can also exert a lot of influence on your target group. As a result, influencer marketing is currently often used in, for example, the fashion industry.


Getting many visitors to a website is often not enough, it is about the right visitors. Conversion optimization improves the so-called “customer journey” of a website. Customer satisfaction is central here.

Benefits of conversion optimization

  • Turn visitors into customers.
  • A higher rating of the website.
  • Follow and improve customer journeys.

Cons of conversion optimization

  • Many factors for optimization.
  • It can only be with many visitors.

Trends within conversion optimization

Customer experience – Old optimization “tricks” no longer work. The handsome heads of Google are of course not standing still, which makes their algorithm constantly stronger. Texts that are really written for the customer are now the most important factor.

AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages (also called AMP) are the new trend for mobile conversion optimization. These are pages that are optimized to load on mobile devices as quickly as possible. This increases the ease of use of the website, which in turn can lead to more conversions. Websites built with WordPress can easily use AMP by downloading a plug-in. Do you often use widgets or interactive data? Then AMP is less suitable for your website.

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